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Discover the perfect blend of tradition and practicality with our Freemason Diary Collection for 2024-2025. Whether you choose the classic stone, elegant black, serene light blue, profound dark blue, vibrant purple, or passionate red, each diary is designed to fit seamlessly into your suit jacket, this diary ensures you stay organized for every Masonic occasion with grace.

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Elevate Your Freemason Journey in 2024-2025 with our 2024-2025 Masonic Diaries

2024-2025 Masonic Diaries
2024-2025 Masonic Diaries

Step into a year of organized Masonic excellence with our easy-read 2024-2025 Masonic diaries with a week-to-view spread. Designed with the discerning Freemason in mind, this 17-month planner, spanning from August 2024 to December 2025, is not just a diary but is a nod to your commitment to the brotherhood and its esteemed traditions.

Features Tailored for Freemasonry:

Compact Elegance: Measuring 4×6 inches, this diary is designed to accompany you to all occasions, fitting seamlessly into the inside pocket of your suit jacket. Whether it’s an Installation, a Ladies Night, or any significant Masonic event, this diary ensures you never miss a moment.
Masonic Year at a Glance: With a week-to-view format, each spread offers a 7-day overview, coupled with a dedicated notes section, allowing for meticulous planning and reflection. The diary is tabbed month-by-month in the margins, making it effortless to navigate through your Masonic and personal commitments.

Masonic Diary Internal Pages
Masonic Diary Internal Pages


International Public holidays only.
International Public holidays only.

Culturally Inclusive: Acknowledging brothers worldwide, the diary includes a section for international public holidays across Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA, embracing the global nature of Freemasonry. Please note, these diaries do not have lodge dates in them due to the sheer number of lodges in the world!


Specially Designed for Freemasons: Each one of the 2024-2025 Masonic Diaries boasts the square and compass design on the cover. They are available in six editions – stone, black, light blue, dark blue, purple, and red, symbolising the light and guidance of Masonic principles.
Quality Craftsmanship: Printed with quality black ink on 55# (90 GSM) white paper, the diary balances durability with a sleek, readable layout, ensuring your plans are clearly noted and preserved.

Large print Masonic diary
Large print Masonic diary

These diaries are large print to avoid squinting when you are in hurry. You don’t want to be scurrying in your diary looking for dates while the grandmaster is giving you the side eye. Find what you need quickly and easily with the easy read design,



Pocket Size Masonic Diary
Pocket Size Masonic Diary

The diary is designed to fit into your suit jacket.At 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall, it should nestle inside your suit pocket like the elegant companion it is. No need to rummage in your bag for this Masonic Diary, it’s there at your fingertips.


Your Masonic Companion:

This diary is more than just a tool for organization; it’s a companion on your Masonic journey, designed to inspire and support your engagement in the fraternity’s events and rituals. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift to a fellow Mason, this diary serves as a daily reminder of the values and brotherhood that define Freemasonry.

Embrace the Year Ahead with Purpose and Precision with our 2024-2025 Masonic Diaries:

With a clear, simple design and thoughtful features like the international public holidays and space for weekly notes, this Freemason diary is your key to a well-planned Masonic year. Secure yours today and step forward into a year of meaningful engagement and brotherly fellowship.

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