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This week to view diary comes in 9 designs. Please choose a design that suits you best below:

Are you looking to get organized and stay on top of your schedule in 2024 and 2025? I’ve got just the thing – a handy week-to-view planner in an easy to carry 6×9 size. With this planner by your side, you’ll have all your important dates, deadlines, and commitments at your fingertips. No more worrying about forgetting something or scrambling to check your calendar. Just crack open this planner and see your whole week laid out in front of you. It’ll help you plan your days and weeks like a pro.

Whether it’s keeping up with classes and exams or managing your work schedule, these 2024-2025 Academic Weekly Diaries have got you covered. It’s the perfect sidekick for staying on top of your academic and professional life with style and ease. This is one planner you do not want to be without in the coming years!

2024-2025 Academic Weekly Diaries Collection
2024-2025 Diary Collection

This handy planner covers a extensive 17-month span, from August 2024 to December 2025, so you can map out every detail in advance. It’s designed to handle your wide range of scheduling needs – whether it’s classes, appointments, meetings, or personal time. This planner has space for it all! So you’ll never show up somewhere and realize you double-booked yourself.

With this trusty planner by your side, you’ll be prepared for any date, deadline, or event coming your way through the end of 2025. No more scrambling to remember what’s happening when! You’ll have all your must-know info in one spot. Just crack it open and see your schedule laid out in an easy-to-use week-to-view format. Now you can schedule like a pro and feel confident you’re on top of everything going on in your life. Sound like just what you need to stay sane and organized over the next 17 months?

Each week is beautifully laid out over two pages, offering a crystal-clear overview of your upcoming schedule at a glance. For those who appreciate a broader perspective, we’ve added a spacious two-page monthly spread at the beginning of each month, perfect for those pivotal moments when you need to see the bigger picture.

2024-2025 full weekly spread in our big and regular diaries.
2024-2025 full weekly spread in our big and regular diaries.
The medium and large designs comes with more!
The medium and large designs comes with more!

These week-to-view diaries come in 3 versatile sizes – small, medium, and large, so you can pick the one that fits your life best. And the covers come in all sorts of captivating designs to match your personal style. Whether you’re into bold hues, cats, or nature themes, there’s a diary in my collection calling your name. Now, just so you know, the monthly spreads at the start of each month are only in the medium and large sizes of this particular design. But check out the whole Ceri Clark Diaries line-up to find your perfect match! With so many options to flip through, you’re sure to discover the planner of your dreams. The one that makes you excited to get organized and tackle your days. So dive in and get ready to meet your new favourite diary – it’s waiting for you!

Here’s what sets our 2024-2025 Academic Weekly Diaries apart:

  • Medium Size: At 6×9 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and usability, similar to A5 size in the UK.
  • Duration: Covers a generous 17-month period from August 2024 to December 2025, offering depth without bulk. This gives you the option to add events after September, so when you get the next year’s diary you won’t have to worry about forgetting planned events. Just transfer them over!
  • View Options: Offers a detailed week-to-view format across two pages and a monthly calendar spread for each month’s start.
  • Global Holidays: Includes public holidays for Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, to keep you aware of significant dates.
  • Comprehensive Features: Comes with a 2024-2025 at-a-glance calendar, a schedule with hourly slots from 8 AM to 10 PM, and a small section for weekly notes.
  • Ease of Use: Features tabbed months for easier navigation and cream paper for a strain-free reading experience.
  • Readability: Boasts a large print font size of 16+ to facilitate easy reading and planning without the need for squinting.
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Why choose one of of our 2024-2025 Academic Weekly Diaries?

Efficient Time Management

Ideal for busy parents, students, and professionals, this planner is a tool for mastering time management in a hectic world.

Monthly and Weekly Flexibility

It offers the best of both worlds, with a monthly overview for strategic planning and detailed weekly pages for daily activities.

Detailed Scheduling

The medium and large diaries are perfect for managing regular commitments with hourly slots, ensuring you keep track of every appointment and meeting.

Simplicity and Clarity

Global public holidays for 2024-2025
Global public holidays for 2024-2025

Designed for ease and efficiency, our planner allows for quick information retrieval in a straightforward, uncluttered format.

If you’re seeking a 2024-2025 weekly planner that combines ample writing space with a clear, user-friendly organization, look no further. Our diary planner is not just a tool; it’s a way through the next 17 months. Make it yours today and step into a world of organized, stress-free planning.

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