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Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise


Embark on a cosmic adventure with ‘Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise’! This delightful interactive puzzle book takes young explorers on a journey with Minkie Monster and his friend Bob. Packed with fun activities like solving puzzles, coloring, tracing, and pattern recognition, it’s the perfect blend of entertainment and learning. Designed to enhance early reading, counting, and cognitive skills, this book encourages your preschooler to develop crucial foundational abilities in a playful, engaging setting. Join Minkie in this exciting space odyssey from the Minkie Monster series – where every page is an adventure, and learning is as fun as it is effective!

Come join Minkie Monster on his interstellar journey! In Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise, join Minkie on an exciting and educational adventure as he searches for his missing best friend, Bob. Along the way, your preschooler will have to solve puzzles, color pages, trace letters, and numbers, and learn to follow patterns as they help Minkie find his friend! Fun and development come together in this engaging interactive puzzle book.

Meet Minkie Monster, the friendly blue alien.
This interactive puzzle book designed with preschoolers in mind will help your child develop counting, reading and cognitive skills. They’ll solve puzzles, color pages, trace letters and numbers, and learn to follow patterns while engaging in a fun, age-appropriate activity.

Puzzles for preschoolersMinkie Monster helps make learning to read, counting, and problem-solving fun for your little ones! They will practice holding a pencil with the dot-to-dot puzzle ready for school. They will love looking for words and practicing their letter recognition. They won’t even realize they are learning. Best of all they will love spending time with you as you read the story and you work on the puzzles together.

This is part of the Minkie Monster series. Follow Minkie on his adventures with his mischievous friend in space, under the sea, and on a mission to rescue Christmas!

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Children 3-6 years old



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