What Are the Secrets to a Long Life?

If we’re lucky enough to grow old, it’s important to do it well. Healthy ageing includes exercise of the body, spirit and mind. We need to continue to increase our physical strength and flexibility, our empathy and compassion and our knowledge base.

Risk Management

Poor behavioural choices can lead to poor health. From our selection of a life partner to simple daily habits, the choices we make help us to build habits that can increase or decrease the quality and length of our lives. Luckily, older adults think more rationally than younger people. The ability to look at a choice carefully and consider the repercussions is a skill that young brains lack. Poor food choices, particularly early in the day, can lead to poor health. Unhealthy habits such as overeating, sitting too much, or smoking can lead to long-term damage to your pancreas, heart and lungs. Older adults have the option to think their way out of bad habits and support their body for the long run.

Health at the Cellular Level

Every breath we take and every bite we eat can increase our toxin load. Unfortunately, our environment isn’t always healthy. As your toxin load increases, free radicals are released inside your body. A diet and supplement plan high in antioxidants can greatly improve your health for years to come. According to ASEA, cell signalling controls countless aspects of the body, everything from hair colour to cell division. Just because we stop growing doesn’t mean cell division stops. Reducing your toxin load can increase your health on the genetic level.

Habits Make Healthy Living Easier

One of the challenges of living with a human brain is that habit formation is remarkably easy. Good habit formation takes effort. If your daily routine begins with a high-sugar breakfast and exposure to news that frightens or depresses you, you’re putting your body and brain at terrible risk. However, by changing those two early habits, you can improve both your outlook on life and your physical health. According to Greatist, often, habits are all we can control. Start with a nutritious breakfast, skip the news and go for a walk to celebrate moving your body through space. Life doesn’t have to be frightening.

Building a life that will make the ageing process better can start at any time. Incorporate puzzles and other forms of mental exercise into your day. Make sure to get some physical exercise. Eat a diet that supports your body, not just your taste buds.

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