0 thoughts on “Coloring books for Children

  1. How is your novel doing? I found your blog via a link on Mr. Konrath’s popular post about ebooks.

    I’m about to publish a collection of short stories as a Kindle book. I’m tempted to try my two adult fantasy novels too. They’ve just been sitting on the computer since the whole agent-hunt thing is such a time sink. I sent a grand total of 6 query letters. *g*

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I sold a few copies, but I was waiting for the print copy before I did any marketing. So really I suppose those few copies were actually good for ‘no’ marketing!

    Getting reviews is the next thing. People assume because it is self-published then it is not as good so they don’t want to try it, which is silly as those who have read it gave me such good feedback.

    I haven’t and won’t go down the family reviews route. Maybe I am too honest but since I tested the book on teenage non-relations I feel that I can trust my target audience not to ‘slate it’!