Can you tell me about your designs?

I’m glad you asked. 😉 Ceri Clark Designs are only created when inspiration strikes. Someone says something to me or I see something that sets my mind in all different directions, here are some of them. Click on the design desciptions above to go to the design pages on RedBubble or check out some featured designs below.

Willow tree on a throw blanket.

Willow Tree Painting at Ceri Clark Designs

I painted this willow tree in an art class. I loved it so much I scanned it in to make these colourful products. The yellow, green and blue background really draw the eye to the tree.

The painting is on several products on RedBubble including posters, mugs, and of course clothing.

Owl scarf scanned from original painting

My Owl Painting

I also painted this during my art lessons. It was acrylic painting on canvas and then scanned in to add to the different products on RedBubble.

Paw Print Heart

I love animals and they feature quite a lot in my designs. This is most definitely my favourite design as it reminds me of my puppy after a walk in the mud…