February Newsletter: Information and news about Ceri Clark and her books

Ceri Clark Newsletter
Ceri Clark Newsletter
Ceri Clark Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter from CeriClark.com!
Thank you so much for signing up. As this newsletter is new, please bear with me as I find what works in this (hopefully) monthly email.

As a start, I thought I would talk about my recent and new releases, works in progress, a spotlight on one of my existing books and finally any free or bargain books from my associate publisher.

In future newsletters I might scout Amazon for some book recommendations for free books for you, depending on feedback from subscribers ([email protected] to let me know what you think), as one of my books explain how to get free ebooks (A Simpler Guide to Finding Free eBooks). Please note that you must download the free books on the day you receive the email. They are usually free for only one day so if you leave it, they may go up in price!


Recent and New Releases from Ceri Clark

News about works in progress

Spotlight on … A Simpler Guide to Calibre

Bargain and Free eBooks from Myrddin Publishing


Recent and New Releases from Ceri Clark


An easier guide to keepingin touch with friendsA Simpler Guide to Google+: An unofficial user guide to setting up and using the Google Plus social network (Simpler Guides)

Check out the paperback of A Simler Guide to Google+ at Amazon!

Do you want a better way to organize and manage your social relationship? Do you want to keep in touch from friends and family all over the world in one video call? Are you interested in meeting people across the web with similar interests? Then this guide is for you!

  • Learn why Google+ is the best social network
  • Set-up a new Google+ account
  • Learn about Hangouts, the best and easiest way to meet your friends and family face to face online with video Hangouts. Up to 10 people at a time!
  • Have better privacy than on Facebook or Twitter
  • Post, comment, ‘like’ and share
  • Discover like-minded communities, Google+ i*s the best social network for photographers!
  • Understand and use the settings
  • Easily control who can see your stuff
  • And much more…

A Simpler Guide to gmailA Simpler Guide to Gmail: An unofficial user guide to setting up and using your free Google email account (Simpler Guides)

Check out the paperback of A Simler Guide to Gmail at Amazon!

Are you looking for free e-mail but don’t know where to start? Do you use Gmail but want to use it more effectively? Do you want to organize your emails better? Spending too much time on your email? Then this guide is for you! 

  •   Learn why Gmail is the best email solution
  • Set-up a new Gmail account
  • Send and receive emails
  • Avoid and explain the best way to deal with scams, spam and phishing emails
  • Protect your email from hackers
  • Organize your email
  • Understand and use the settings
  • Discover and use Google+
  • And much more…

CALIBRE SLIDER1A Simpler Guide to Calibre: How to organize, edit and convert your eBooks using free software for readers, writers, students and researchers for any eReader (Simpler Guides)

Check out the paperback of A Simpler Guide to Calibre at Amazon!

Do you have hundreds of e-books but can never find the one you want? Would you like to convert an e-book to work on a different device? Are you itching to organize your e-books but are not quite sure how? Then this guide is for you!

  • Learn how Calibre can be useful to you
  • Set-up Calibre
  • Catalog ebooks, i.e. add books, edit book information
  • Send e-books to your Kindle or other devices
  • Find free e-books
  • Browse and search your e-book collections
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  • Discover, download and send news sources to your devices
  • And much more…

News about works in progress


Accidental Immortal Cover

November saw the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) appear again. This year I took part and wrote the first draft of the Accidental Immortal. This is a sci-fi/fantasy tale of Lynsey Walker who finds herself transported to a former Egyptian colony named Duat on another world. All she wants to do is go home but she may find a reason to stay… I’m in the process of rewriting the chapters but I am at the very beginning so it may take a few months to get to the quality I feel happy with. I have already created the cover and used it as inspiration for writing the novel. Before I began I decided to think of three random elements, namely the pyramids, a girl and a dragon. I then looked for those ideas on stock photography websites and purchased the images. This meant I had to finish the book or waste the money! Watch this space for news on the completed novel.

Spotlight on … A Simpler Guide to Calibre

A Simpler Guide to CalibreCalibre is free software to organize your ebooks. You can organise, search and browse by covers, titles, authors and anything else you can think of when you put the information into the program. It can convert ebooks as well as letting you read them using the software. The two amazing things it can do are converting ebooks and the ability to email ebooks direct to your Amazon Kindle. It is truly amazing software.

My guide introduces you to the concepts of how to use the software, how to catalogue effectively and how to find the book you want, when you want it. If you want to browse by the cover, this book shows you how. Do you wnat to find your paperbacks in your house? Why not catalogue their location in the software and then all you need to do is search in the software later and it will tell you where it is. Check it out at Amazon!


Bargain and Free eBooks from Myrddin Publishing

Unremembered Thiongs Kindle EditionBARGAIN: Unremembered Things

Check out Unremembered Things on Amazon.com/a>


Heart Search Book One: Lost. Kindle EditionFREE: HEART SEARCH – Book One: Lost

Check out Unremembered Things on Amazon.com

Heart Search will be free on Amazon 7th and 8th Feb only! http://smarturl.it/HeartSearch-Lost One bite starts it all . . . When Joshua Grant vanishes days before his wedding his fiancée Remy is left with only bruises, scratch marks and a hastily written note. Heartbroken, she sets off alone to find him and begins a long journey where strange things begin to happen. As Joshua descends into his new immortal life he indulges his thirst for blood and explores his superhuman strength and amazing new talents while becoming embroiled in coven politics which threaten to destroy him. But Remy discovers a strength of her own on her quest to bring Joshua home.

Hunted Heart Kindle EditionBARGAIN: Hunted Heart

Check out Hunted Heart on Amazon.com

Hunted Heart is on sale for $.99 with all proceeds going to charity. http://bit.ly/HHkinUL When Tali is hired to cut out the heart of Prince Kas, the huntress can’t refuse. Tali realizes there is no escape from the dark magic of the queen’s mirror, even though her own feelings for the prince are far too complex to understand. As they try to run from their shared destiny, Tali and Kas have to rely on their wits and each other as hunter becomes prey and hearts are won and lost. A genderbent Snow White for adults (18+ only.) All royalties go to SavetheChildren.org. 

Darkness Rising Book One is Free at SmashwordsFREE: Darkness Rising, Book One – Chained

Check out Darkness Rising for free from Smashwords

The first book in the popular epic fantasy series Darkness Rising remains free to download in a variety of formats through Smashwords. Dive into the spellbinding series today.

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/392664 Wild magic comes at a cost… that of the mind. Emelia dreams of escape from her life of servitude. She dreams of magical powers; she dreams of dark things. When tragedy awakens the sorcery within her she embarks upon an epic journey in the company of two charming thieves. In the Dead City an ancient evil awakens. The Lord of the Ghasts covets a magical Prism, the clues to which lie with Emelia. And when he begins to share her dreams, surely it is only a matter of time until she succumbs to his power?

Huw the Bard Kindle EditionBARGAIN: Huw the Bard

Check out Huw the Bard at Amazon.com

Smuggled out of the burning city in a reeking ale barrel, Huw the Bard is a wanted man. Starving, reduced to begging and worse, he must somehow make his way north to safety. It’s a 200-league walk to the one place he might have a friend, though the path Huw must take is anything but straight.

A lot can happen to a man on journey like that.

Step into the dangerous world of Waldeyn for only $ .99 through February 28, 2015