It felt as if the wait would never end but finally Lucifer hit the small screens again at the end of September and boy, was the wait worth it.

“Everything’s coming up Lucifer”, “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” and “Sin Eater” have already aired. If you haven’t caught up yet, then don’t worry here’s a recap of what you missed.

For anyone who has lived in a cave for the last year, Lucifer (played by the delectable Tom Ellis) is the devil who takes a vacation on Earth but then instead of living with the memories and taking home a souvenir snow globe or t-shirt, thought it might be more fun to explore humanity and stick it to the man at the same time. The man in this case being the Almighty of course.

The conclusion of Season 1 saw Lucifer dying but making a deal with ‘Father’ (God) to send ‘Mum’ (the Goddess of All Creation) back to hell after she escaped in exchange for the chance to save Chloe (Lauren German). This brings us neatly to the premise of Season 2.  Who is ‘mother’ and what does she want. Episode 1, (Everything’s coming up Lucifer) has Lucifer paranoid that every dead body is his mother coming to take revenge for the time she was tortured in hell. To be fair to him, he didn’t do any of the torture – that pleasure was all for Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) who seems hell bent (pun intended) on finishing what she started. Maze could never break ‘Charlotte’ (played by Tricia Helfer) in hell but Charlotte mentions that you only get the punishment you deserve in hell. Could it be that she was innocent, or that she was too powerful to be hurt by a lowly demon? She is the Goddess of All Creation.

Charlotte however, says she has no intention of taking revenge on Lucifer (well, she would hardly tell him she would play his emotions and then kick him when he is down.). When she lands in the dead body of a hot lawyer, she toddles off to find Lucifer and is
intent on showing him she hasn’t killed anyone. All she wants is what any other mother would want – to be with her boys again.

Lucifer doesn’t believe her at first and heads off to solve the murder of the body his mother inhabits without giving away the relationship to Chloe. Cue the typical Luciferisms of solving the case by only thinking of himself which leads to a few laughs through the episode.

Wlucifer3arning, spoilers ahead…

The story is complicated further by his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who has sworn to send his Mom back down to hell. Just a thought, why does Lucifer have a British accent while Amenadiel’s dulcet tones’ hail from the States? Fortunately for us, (and Charlotte) Amenadiel’s wings are going through an existential crisis themselves and look more like they’ve been in a scrap with a rather large cat than angel wings capable of flying to hell or heaven. Needless to say Amenadiel is not happy and in Episode 2, “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” has help from his former colleague to realise he has been acting selfishly. Even so, Episode 3 “Sin Eater” shows Amenadiel hitting the bottle hard. Is it living on Earth that affects angels in this way or maybe love? Amenadiel and Maze were getting jiggy in Season 1 and they may be more attached emotionally than either of them would like to admit. Will he swallow his pride and tell Maze or Lucifer about his wings? Either way, he is persuaded to go to Lux to intervene with Lucifer’s new house guest.

When Lucifer gets back to his apartment, his brother and their mother (Charlotte) have apparently made up but Lucifer has one more bombshell for her. His identity as a punisher has been reinforced with the latest case involving a serial killer and he has decided what her sentence will be (that boy really needs to focus on something other than his previous job!). He has decided he won’t send her back but her sentence will be to live with humans as a human. Unbeknown to him, his mother is not as human as he thought. In the final moments of Episode 3 she has the strength to throw a mugger across a street into a wall and from her expression, she is not unhappy about this development. The question is, what other powers will she develop over time? How will she fare with her human family? Can Amenadiel’s wings be fixed? Is it a punishment for his shenanigans in Season 1 of Lucifer or a side effect of living on Earth? Will Amenadiel and Maze make up? Why is Lucifer vulnerable in Chloe’s company? Will Chloe get the iron bar out of her proverbial and notice what is happening around her? Given that her marital problems with Dan, (Kevin Alejandro) is coming to a head, this may be sooner than we think. At the end of “Sin Eater”, Chloe and Dan realise that their marriage is at an impasse and Dan asks for a divorce. The end of their relationship opens up the narrative for Lucifer and Chloe to get together and for Trixie to play up or at least play her parents against each other. This begs the question, will Lucifer take advantage of the situation or has he grown over the last season or so?

This season is all set to be full of action and laughter and I for one am really looking forward to how this will play out.

What do you think of the season so far? Let me know by commenting below!

Lucifer returns to Fox with the Season 2 episode entitled “Lady Parts” on October 17 2016. It is available in the UK via Amazon Prime and Australia from FX.

Inside Out Movie Review

5 starsThere are not many films my toddler will sit through, but Inside Out is one of them. Because my little ankle biter loved it, I would give this movie from Disney/Pixar 5 stars.

What did I/he like about it?

I enjoyed it as an adult but I loved watching my child’s reaction to it. He’s only two but he was getting emotional at some aspects of the film but then he did in the Penguins of Madagascar as well. If that film is on we have to cover his ears when the baby squid starts crying or they’ll be hysterics for ten minutes.

Anyway, back to Inside Out, I love the development of the characters. As Riley grows so do the characters representing her emotions. It is fascinating to watch their journey and how Disney has visualised our emotions and reactions to them and how they interplay together. I think I may have some pointers for when he gets older!

The animation is great and very imaginative. There are a lot of laughs, the best one can be seen on the trailer. Take a look on YouTube if you haven’t already seen it.


It was a brilliant, funny and imaginative film and a must see if you have a toddler. A totally deserved 5 stars from the Clark household.



JupiterWarning my Jupiter ascending review will contain some spoilers (but they are not that bad).

Having read and watched dozens of reviews for Jupiter Ascending, I was a little worried about going to see it for our annual trip to the cinema on Valentine’s day (thanks for babysitting mum!).

We watched it in 3D and in the IMAX cinema. I needn’t have worried, I LOVED it!

The reviews warned about watching it in 3D. Seriously? It was brilliant. At the beginning there was a bit where a woman was on a flying bike. It was like being there!

The story

This was my kind of story. An intergalactic space opera with unknown ordinary person taking an integral part on the plot.

An unappreciated cleaner with early starts and low wages needs some money and tries to donate some eggs to get some quickly. Her genes are picked up by aliens when tested at the clinic. They then try to kill, kidnap and marry her. Her genes are the same as a matriarch who had died a while ago. Unfortunately her predecessor wrote her in to her will which the family didn’t appreciate so the plot unfolds with some or all trying to kill her to get her/their inheritance.

There was politics in the film but you need it to understand the backdrop. Without it you would be stumbling in the dark getting annoyed at the motivations of the characters. It wasn’t as bad as Star Wars.


I was really dreading what this character was going to do after hearing what the critics had to say about this character.

I found the character to be believable. Before you say but she didn’t ask too many questions etc., put yourself in the character’s shoes. You have spent your entire life as a cleaner which is not that stimulating (I’ve done the job in the past), and you are suddenly a queen in charge of worlds and some people are clearly trying to kill you. Are you suddenly from nowhere going to get a full potted history of the family, politics and the skills of a Karate black belt? Huh? No, you are going to go along with what seems to be the most reasonable thing anyone says while you observe and learn.

As to her intelligence, she reads up on information as soon as she can get it and uses it at the first opportunity she can.

I also got the impression she’s a wimp from the reviews but she slaps someone early on and kicks the butt off her ‘son’ later on. She’s no shrinking violet!

The love interest

If you are ever in danger this is the guy you want on your side. Sure his emotional range is limited but he is someone who is part wolf. Put yourself in the character’s point of view. He’s not a lovesick puppy, he’s a battle scarred wolf!

Other characters

Ok, the guy who used to own Earth is quite weird but then he is from a different culture. Sean Bean is awesome but then he always is and I quite liked the ‘daughter’ even if she was morally reprehensible.

In conclusion

I loved it and couldn’t recommend it enough. I needed a good action film where the fight scenes didn’t go on and on and on… This was it. It was an intelligent movie where you have to listen to what the characters say to get the best out of it. It was bright, brash and most of all fun. The best sci-fi I’ve seen in a long time.

The Hunger Games (film/movie) Review by Ceri Clark

I have wanted to see a film version of the Hunger Games ever since I read the book as part of a book club I belonged to. There was unanimous approval for the book and some members read the whole series as a result.

So I went to watch the film with high expectations and I would say for the most part, they were justified. I really enjoyed it but there were some niggling moments which made me think if I was to give it a number of stars up to five, I would give 4.5.

Why I loved it,

The concept is great, which is why the book was a best seller. It is a science fiction story which is worth watching. It has moments of brilliance and you could see it happen in reality some day. You might think no, humans could never be that cruel but just think about Hitler’s Nazis, the Gladiaters in ancient Rome and a hundred other examples in world history that have happened over the centuries. There are child soldiers even now forced to kill or be killed in some third world countries. You could argue that it was only 24 from that whole civilisation… per year…. for 70 odd years….

My favourite performance was of the Mentor and the ‘stylist’, they really gave the essence of what the book conveyed in words. They were both nice guys stuck in a horrific system, making the best of a bad situation.

The problen with reviewing a film from a  book is there is a danger you end up reviewing the book not the film. The movie has to stand on its own merits and I think it does do it. There were a few tears shed during hte watching of the film which is always a good sign as you are investing in the characters. I found the film really depressing but the overall feeling as I left was that it was worth watching. Would I watch it again? Probably not because it was so depressing. It was a great sci-fi action adventure and I would recommend it to anyone to watch, even if it is just once.

The Niggles

There were only a couple of niggles that spoiled my enjoyment. The first was the close-up camera work. I was getting very frustrated with the tight angles and I had to look away sometimes. My husband said the same, however later when the ‘action’ starts this doesn’t present a problem and it does work.

The second was the music when she is hunting in the very first scenes. While my husband loved it, I found it like someone scraping fingernails down a blackboard. My whole body tensed until it was over. I really hated that scene – just for the choice of music. I found this really strange as music doesn’t usually bother me at all, It usually just pulls my emotional strings but this just irritated the hell out of me.


I loved the book and the film comes a close second. I would recommend it and give it 4.5 stars for the reasons explained above. It has a definite thumbs up from me and it could one day become a classic.