Christmas Office Indulgence

I’m not sure if this happens in other organisations and businesses such as in the private sector (I’ve worked in two companies and it didn’t) but the public sector staff are just too generous to each other. I’m not talking public money because we’re far too conscientious for that. I’m talking biscuits and cakes, usually home-made brought in for the delectation of colleagues.

Why am I complaining you’re probably thinking. Free cakes? Are you mad? Go for it, you whining public sector worker you. Well, I’m just as guilty as the rest of my colleagues, a couple of weeks ago I brought in two trays of delicious chocolate and white iced doughnuts in, 24 in all, for our floor.

The trouble is two-fold, one is I’m on a permanent diet. I’m fluctuating from size 14-16 at the moment (going down I hope) and the other is I am allergic to anything that is remotely interesting, which translates to cakes, compounded with terrible willpower when doughnuts are in smell range.

I’m moaning because it is Christmas and everyone has gone slightly batty this year. Mince pies abound and I narrowly avoided a close encounter with chocolate crispy cakes yesterday.

As I’m writing this as some sort of cake therapy, a senior manager is wafting biscuit smells at me from across the desk with an evil glint in his eyes (probably making that last bit up about the eyes – I have a slightly over active imagination).

What to do? I am on what I call an eczema diet at the moment. This means nothing I am allergic to can pass my lips before Christmas Eve. This is great because it cuts out anything made with dairy products, (including butter and milk), lemon, oranges. citric acid,  all fattening stuff. It however leaves me with all meat, potatoes and most veg. I’m not eating parsnips, I don’t care if I am not allergic to it! I draw the line at that.

So enjoy your mince pies, lemon drizzle cake and biscuits, just stop offering me any – well, until after Christmas anyway!

Lessons to be learnt from sci-fi

I have enjoyed sci-fi ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  From Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Doctor Who to Star Trek, there are a lot of lessons one can learn from in these tales of derring-do. Today there are still classics being made from Moon to Minority Report.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the lessons that can be learnt from my (well spent?) years of watching science-fiction movies. What do you think? Please vote for your favourite lesson(s).

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The horror of Halloween, Mwhahaha

Now, the problem with me is that although I like children big groups of them scare the living daylights out of me so with the best intentions of avoiding the usual hordes this halloween, i and my husband decided to head out for a curry tonight.

Before we could do this we needed to unpack the car as our road trip had exhausted us the night before. With military precision we opened the doors, did a brief reccy, and dropped off the DIY gear as if our house was on fire and the gear was water.

The problem with curry is that you can only draw out eating for so long. With heavy hearts and full stomachs we clambered back into our car and drove to and then past our home.

Disaster! There was a gang stood outside our garden on the corner. What to do?

We drove around the block and parked up on the opposite corner. Indecision racked our overfull bodies. Then a plan was formed. We would walk down our street and if the kids were still there carry on walking as if we were out on a normal stroll.

The night was warm and my hearing sharp. There were still a few trick-or-treaters at the far corner and I am ashamed to say I lost my nerve. I broke off before I reached the end of our road and dashed behind a hedge in our garden and ran down the grass verge to our front door. I was joined moments later by an out of breath husband, key already in hand. We tumbled through the door and stumbled our separate ways. I went upstairs, ahem, i did just have a curry, and hubby went to make a couple of drinks – in the dark.

So here we are sitting in the dark. I’m on my phone and hubby on his laptop, jumping at any noise at the front door.

We’re not in… honest…

The danger of going to the gym

I’m not the most active of people, I’m probably going to end up like the Mikon when I’m older. If you’ve ever read Dan Dare you’ll know what I mean. A couple of night’s ago I decided to go to the gym again.

I know what you are thinking. What again? Yes again. This time I had already stashed some gym clothes, shower stuff and towels so i knew if the notion took me I would have no excuses.

The notion grabbed me at around 4.15 Tuesday. I skipped (read shuffled) down to the changing rooms, opened my locker and took out my gym clothes. Bearing in mind these were stowed about 3 months ago it shouldn’t be any surprise when they were a tad tight. Oops.

Still I poured myself into my kit with a bit of wriggling and pushed my day clothes into the locker. Thermal t-shirt, check, normal t-shirt, long sleeved shirt and jumper check, trousers check etc etc. Disaster struck, while pushing the clothes I didn’t see that at the bottom of the locker there were two small holes which I believe were made in the construction of the locker (see picture).

As I shoved the jeans further in, I yelped as my thumb slid against the holes in the metal. Seconds later blood was streaming from the flap of skin that the metal sliced off – ow!

So there you have it, damaged before i even got into the gym proper.

Gyms are dangerous places!

My thumb hurts 🙁

I might stick to writing on the laptop. I might get RSI but at least there’s less blood.

My name is…

Not wanting to sound like an alcoholics anonymous meeting but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ceri Clark and I adore writing.

Now the reason for this introduction is not just for self promotion because I’m rubbish at that but because I hung out with a few friends who I’ve never met in person in the hang out feature on Google Plus yesterday. These were the excellent writers Connie J Jasperson and Alison DeLuca who are published through Fantasy Island Book Publishing (books available at the publisher’s website

Why would that make me blog today you may ask. Well, I am proud of where I come from but it can cause a few problems with the way my name is pronounced. These are my friends and I love them to bits in a non-homicidal way but I kept being called Seri as I do around England and sometimes while travelling.

I’m just interjectimg a paragraph break while I process that. My name is pronounced Kerry. Now this is where my Welsh heritage is so annoying. My full first name is Ceridwen. I am named after the Welsh goddess of wisdom. It’s an old name and firmly embedded in Welsh culture. If you are wondering it’s pronounced Keridwen.

So why the weird spelling you may think. Well it’s not weird if you are Welsh. The Welsh language is completely separate from the English and one of the oldest in Europe. It has a few extra letters and crucially a few missing. Until recently it did not have the letter J but to my horror they added it since I was in school.

Now back to my point, there is no letter K in the welsh language but the sound is done always through a hard sounding C.

So  if you spot me wandering around like a lost sheep, shout out Kerry and I just might respond.


Soldiers, War and Europe

This is going to be somewhat of a rambling post. I was between the state of dreaming and awake this morning and I started thinking about soldiers and the cost of having them.

I even thought, do we even need to have them in this day and age? Sure we need some sort of deterrent for foreign powers who may want to increase their land but really a European army would be better than just a British one.

I was thinking about the old wars in the past against France, Germany etc and if we are one big happy family there is no need to fight. It would be like Florida having a go at California.

We could institute a European ‘national’ service. Young people would mix with others which would give an insight into other cultures some might miss out on. Imagine spending a couple of years barracked with a mix of Italian, French and German soldiers in your late teens/early twenties. If it was ensured that there was an equal mix so no nationality was in the majority in a particular unit this could be a great way to foster good relations.

Europe is a lot bigger than just one  constituant country and a European army made out of all those countries would be larger but spread the cost out between the countries.

I believe Europe promotes stability with checks and balances meaning one Head of State couldn’t take unilateral action. If it wasn’t for the Euro, I would give total support for Europe. A European army I think is a better idea.

Rambling over. 🙂

Modern Slavery

Britain was shocked by slavery news we had thought/hoped confined to history. It came out of the blue and was the talk I suspect of offices and in homes up and down the country.

There are two types of modern day slavery as far as I can see in the UK. There is the type which was blasted across the news over the last couple of weeks, where travellers had enticed migrants and English men alike to live in their camp with promises to be looked after only to be forced to work for free and live in squalor, treated little better than animals.

The other appears to be run by gang masters and involves migrants enticed or abducted to this country on (again) false promises and used in various industries from the oldest profession to restaurants and agriculture. A lady from BBC news mentioned that young people were put into foster? homes after arriving in airports only to disappear the next day. Some of these are found working as slaves in other European countries

This is truly sickening and to be honest I can’t understand why this is still happening in the 21st century!