Children of the Elementi FAQ

Children of the Elementi

Children of the Elementi is a quick, fast paced read but it is peppered with information which you might just skip if you read it too fast! Here are a few frequently asked questions from the book.

How did Jake survive if his mum was only six months pregnant at the massacre?

Jake’s mum, Nuin, was with the Healer, Kiron. Their medical knowledge and skills are far better than our own.

What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a planet-wide crystalline mind. Nothing to do with the Keanu Reeves film!

The Matrix in our world has several meanings, in its oldest form it means the womb and in the story it represents the source of the Elementi powers. In a sense without the Matrix, their powers would not have developed at all. Other definitions (courtesy of include a crystalline phase in an alloy or a fine-grained portion of a rock in which coarser crystals are embedded.

The Matrix in Eleria is alive. It is the culmination of combined crystals through the world, taking power from everything but it’s intelligence from humans. In return it has given powers to the humans it has bonded with.

How do the teenagers know how to connect to the Matrix?

When Mirim talks to Keira after the volcano she explains that each heir was connected to the Matrix before they left Eleria. The knowledge was always there, they just couldn’t access it. However because it was there, once they reconnected it became instinctive.

Why is color spelt wrong?

It’s not, it’s how we Brits spell it!

What is Adramelech?

Adramelech is a Deoc. A race of people made completely from fire. A pure Elemental, he is estranged from his people because of his predilection for power and enslaving vulnerable civilisations. Before Aras called him, he was imprisoned in no-space with no way of getting home.

Aras? Who is he?

He is a descendant of Jake’s father and has the abilities of both peoples. Unfortunately the two powers are not compatible and Aras is slowly dying. He needs to kill Jake and find the ancient Citadel to survive.

Who is the Fire King?

I’m not telling you. You have to read it to find out!

Is there a sequel?

There is one planned, it just needs writing!


Children of the Elementi passes the first round of the Amazon Breakthrough Award

To celebrate getting through the first round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, I’ve reduced Children of the Elementi to just 99 cents on Amazon and Smashwords until the end of March.


Smouldering in the circle the Deoc glared malevolently at Aras. Its body was made entirely of fire but as Aras watched, the flames rescinded. Skin formed over the creature’s body. First its arms and legs, then its face before it was covered completely in skin. Over this, a robe formed until a man stood before him with red and gold-flecked eyes.

‘What do you want?’

‘I need you to kill a boy.’

‘Why would I do that?’ The creature smiled, confident in its power.

‘You have no choice.’



The pitch:

The powerful Elementi Empire spanned over a thousand years, its kings and queens loved and revered by their people and their elemental abilities feared by their enemies. Treachery and Magi illusion destroyed the Empire almost a century ago. All five heirs were thought to be lost.

On present day Earth, fourteen-year-old Jake has an ordinary life of school, bullies, parties… until he stumbles on an ancient crystal. Meanwhile across the dimensions, the Magi Emperor is alerted that not all the Elementi were killed all those years ago. He summons and dispatches Adramelech, an evil fire demon to hunt and kill the last of the Elementi. If the heirs unite their powers and return to Eleria then all Magi gains from the war could be lost.

Can Jake learn to control his growing elemental powers and reunite the other lost children in time?

Children of the Elementi is a 51,000 word young adult adventure set between two worlds. Written by a former school librarian, it is a culmination of book requests and feedback from children and includes magical powers, underwater cities, sword-fighting and a sea battle.

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Author’s Dilemma

Working full-time means that there is never enough time in the day. You need to spend time with your family, you want to write the next book but you also have to market the books already written.

Writing the book is hard, (but fun), editing is harder but the most difficult thing to do is the marketing.

The author’s dilemma is what should take priority. I could write a hundred books but noone would know they existed, I could market Children of the Elementi to death and never let the stories swimming in my head out.

There is all that but there is also the book/writing club I set up at work. Why do I do it to myself? 🙂

My first independent review…

This isn’t strictly true, as I received one from Academi (the Welsh literacy agenc). However this is the first review from a customer who I’ve never met. I’ve reproduced it below. Thanks Abbie!

“This book is awesome! I read the whole thing in one day! The plot and themes are completely original and the characters are realistic but not boring or too Americanised. It starts in the human world and flicks between the two planets, which gives a really good contrast between the two worlds. The storylines for all the characters are fresh and interesting and intertwine really nicely. The end of the book has a lovely conclusion with an open end, maybe a sequel? Overall I think the book is new and really steers away from the teen vampire genre. Well done Ceri! Xxx”

Now that’s what I call a review!


After reading JA Konrath’s posts on publishing ebooks online, I have decided not to continue my search for a traditional publisher or agent. This isn’t to say I have exhausted all the possibilities but that the opportunities are much better for the independant author. The stigma of self-publishers seems to no longer hold true.

I have published print and ebooks online. You can now buy a paperback at Lulu or ebooks from Smashwords. More details will come in a later post. The covers I have designed can be seen in the header.

I hope you like them!