Children of the Elementi: Volume 1 (Elerian Chronicles)

Children of the Elementi: Volume 1 (Elerian Chronicles)
$12.99eBook: $2.58
Series: Elerian Chronicles
Genres: Children's Books, Fantasy, Science-fiction
Tags: Books for boys, Books for girls, children's books, elemental powers, middle grade, teenagers, young adult
Publisher: Lycan Books
Publication Year: 2013
Format: Paperback & Kindle
Length: 286 pages
ISBN: 1909236020

On present day Earth, Jake has an ordinary life, school,bullies, parties... until he stumbles on an ancient crystal and discovers his adoption and a royal past.

As Jake touches the pendant, the Magi Emperor in Eleria is alerted that not all the Elementi were killed all those years ago. The Emperor summons an evil fire-demon and sends him across the dimensional barrier to hunt and kill the last of the Elementi.

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About the Book

From the ashes of an ancient empire, five teenagers must save the future. 

Jake: Last in line to the Elementi High-King throne, sent through time and space to be brought up in an alien world, he has no knowledge of his past.

Mirim: As the caretaker of the mysterious Citadel which hosts the dying crystal mind of the Matrix, her air power is the only link to the old world.

Kiera: A Romani foundling with growing powers over nature, she is searching for a better life away from her criminal past.

They must find the other two heirs and reunite all their elemental powers over earth, air, fire, and water together with the Matrix to defeat the Empire that conquered their parents.

With a fire-demon on his trail, can Jake bring together the last of the Elementi in time?

What do you think?

5 stars In Children of the Elementi (Elerian Chronicles Book 1) by Ceri Clark, the Magi had killed the heads of four of the five great Elementi families, including the High-King, Malo Omnax. Malo's wife, Nuin, managed to escape. With the help of Ariel, the Air Queen, she sent her infant child and the other children to Earth. Fast forward to the present world where readers are introduced to Jake, who has been living with his aunt and uncle since his parents passed away. Jake could almost hear people thoughts, and his mind reading ability is becoming more prominently recently. His ability leads to the hidden document about his adoption, a letter from his late parents and a mysterious crystal pendant. The adventure starts when Jake wears the pendant, which alerts Mirim, the caretaker of the mysterious Citadel that hosts the dying crystal mind of the Matrix. Her air power is the only link to the old world. Now they must unite all the Elementi children to defeat their enemy and reclaim their rights. The world-building includes the interesting use of nature's elements as power; red for fire, green for earth, yellow for air and blue for water. The simple yet engaging prose is faultless. Jake, Mirim, Kiera, Shenella and Karl are the kind of characters a reader could happily follow over several volumes (I favor Karl for his wittiness). Even though the story is perfectly tailored for a younger demographic, as an adult I found it an enjoyable read. All in all, Children of the Elementi is a solid debut for this sci-fi fantasy series, a commendable work from Clark.
– Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite
I found the plot compulsive. I simply had to read on to find out what happened. In the most complimentary sense of the phrase: it was a genuine page-turner.
– Academi Critique Service
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About the Author
Ceri Clark

Ceri Clark has written in several genres including technology guides, children's guides, password books, as well as creating coloring books for adults and children.

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