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There are fates worse than death…

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Welcome to the serialisation of Accidental Immortal. Chapters will be published four times a week so the serialisation will be completed at (roughly) the same time as on Wattpad, if not a little sooner!

If you would like to start from the beginning, please head over to chapter one. There is also a contents list at the bottom of each post.

–Ceri Clark

Chapter 34 – grolmak

Grolmak was dreaming. He was flying high in the clouds, the wisps of the clouds made his skin cool where they brushed him. The sun was hot and he rolled to feel the sun all around his body. He whooshed down to the ground letting himself fall until he almost hit the mountain top but then pulled up at the last second letting his great wings take the strain as he strived to go up. He went higher then dived again. The feeling was exhilarating. All too soon it was fading and he felt the dull heat of the cavern invade his senses. He felt his spirits sink as the cramps from sitting in a confined space reminded him of where he was. He kept his eyes closed trying to recapture the dream of his youth.

He heard Sekhmet walk in. He thought she could understand him in the beginning but he must have imagined it. She had hesitated the once and he thought she could but she’d shaken her head and continued. A brief hope dashed in seconds.

How long had he been here? He had no way of knowing. That girl had been interesting. It would have been better to share his imprisonment with someone, anyone, even a human.

He felt despair and anger but they faded as soon as they arrived. Nothing mattered his misery was complete.

Grolmek opened an eye.  Sekhmet was close, she was studying him like a spider. He might have done the same thing to the creatures he had studied during training but they weren’t intelligent. His body shuddered at the thought. To treat a thinking being like the way they treated him. He wasn’t even an animal to them just a source of blood.

She’d started talking.  Grolmek started to pay attention.

“…girl is like you.  She can heal but we don’t  know if she is exactly like you yet. ”

She means immortal, he thought. Did it matter? He wished she would go away.

“She was here again you know. Telling me that you are intelligent.  But we knew that already didn’t we?”

Grolmak stiffened. His eyes swivelled to look at her.

“Oh yes Grolmak.  I’ve known. It just wasn’t important to know. Would it have been easier if I talked to you while taking your blood?” Grolmek felt her soft ape hands slide over his back. She was stroking him!  He shuddered but remembered his chains were loose. If she found out…

“I need to know how you came here.  I am from the same place as the girl but I cannot heal without your help.” Grolmek snorted.

“I’ll see you in hell before I help you.” He snarled and tried to bite her. She stepped back easily as his collar jerked against the chain. Luckily it held. He berated himself. She was taunting him.

“You are obviously from a different planet. But the girl, she is from my planet and she has the same abilities as you. It must be the way you came here.”

She wasn’t even talking to him anymore. She reached out and touched his side.

Suddenly he was back on ilogac. The sun was hotter than usual and he was there to warn the Ministry of Weather.

“You must shut down  all energy sources for 24 hours.”

“We cannot do that. The president will be arriving this afternoon. He will not be able to land.”

The stone backless chairs were carved for their appearance rather than comfort.  Grolmak had been sitting in his for an hour before the Minister had even arrived. He should be glad that the Iloga had even turned up. Weather scientists were not high on the prestige list and the color of the Minister scales denoted he was of the highest ranks even before he achieved his position. Grolmak clenched his fingers tighter around the data crystals.

“You cannot be serious. His space ship will be a sitting duck. ”

“This visit has been scheduled for two years.  I do not think a simple solar flare should delay his trip. ”

“A solar flare can wipe out communications on this planet and we have an atmosphere! ”

“He is on his way. That is all.”

Grolmak scrutinized the minister. His blue scales glinted in the sunlight flowing through the pillars. They had been polished recently, betraying his narcissistic nature.  More interested in himself than his job, he thought. The other Iloga had already turned away showing there was no talking to him. Grolmak sighed. He had done everything he could do. It would be a matter of public record that he had.  He moved to the nearest pillars and dropped off the floor.

The Ministerial offices were built into the side of the tallest mountain in the province. Grolmak pumped his wings, feeling the pressure of the air. He rose slightly and he pumped again until he was again as high as he had been. He looked through to where the meeting had been but the floor was again empty. He shook his head and flew out clutching the evidence the Minister had refused to look at in his hands. He had one last chance to warn the president to delay his trip for a few days but it would take hours to get there.

The air was thinner at this altitude and it was difficult to catch the currents but one of his specialities was weather conditions and he knew which way the wind blew.

How could the Iloga be so stupid? If they didn’t implement protocols they would be cut off. They were the furthest outpost. They couldn’t do anything to jeopardise their position.  Taryk 55 would assume something was wrong when the president didn’t call in but that would take days. Who knew what could happen in that time. Emergency services would be inactive, schools would be closed.  Although he knew someone who would be happy with THAT. Grolmak’s razor sharp teeth flashed as he thought of his son’s delight if the school shut down.

Even if the ship landed safely,  the planet would be in to much turmoil to even think about the presidential visit.

A loud beeping filled the air and Grolmak’s eyes looked skyward. It was too late, it was starting. He had to get back to Frehal. He changed direction and slunk in the air, beatng his wings as fast he could. Clouds were billowing his way and he flew harder to stay ahead but more were coming from a different direction as he flew over a mountain range. Lightning danced in the clouds. He knew fear as a lightning strike went for him…

“So you both were hit by lightning.” Sekhmet mused. “Thousands of people get hit by lightning but not all turn up at the pyramids there must be something else that happens.”


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