Accidental Immortal Chapter 14 – Arkan (Serialisation)

Accidental Immortal serialisation

There are fates worse than death…

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Ceri Clark

Chapter 14 – Arkan

Arkan lounged against a column near the dais edge. Watching their slow progress through the crowd, he was amused by the reaction from the courtiers to Lynsey and her friend. He knew they would create a stir and this was everything they could hope for. Everyone would be talking about them by the end of the night.

The raised platform he stood on was lined by six painted columns. Their green colour matched the throne’s upholstery, giving the palace its name.

Arkan’s vantage point gave ample opportunity to watch the crowd without being seen. Hidden by the column’s shadow, he could also hear all the conversations in the room. The architect had designed the space so that most if not all voices could be heard from this one spot. The Assassins Guild had paid good money to get this advantage during it’s build but it was Arkan’s training which allowed him to make sense of the wall of sound.

The whispered conversations were the ones to look out for, he reminded himself as he focussed on the quieter sounds. Plots against the king and secrets were seldom announced in a normal voice.

He instantly discarded the trysts and barbed comments. He was not interested in gossip. Leave that to Luna. He scanned the crowd. Where was Luna anyway? He found her by the door talking to a grand dame.

“She’s my cousin. Just in from the islands. Her father disappeared years ago.” She produced a fan from a small purse which matched her green gown and waved it with a conspiratorial wink. “I was more surprised than anyone when she turned up at my door. I thought Jemmy had been eaten by natives years ago!” The woman gave a raucous laugh beside her.

“He did have a reputation didn’t he? What happened to the blonde boy?”

“I hear he died young. Who can say after all this time? They were never spoken of after Jemmy left Ghinari. We still don’t know why Jemmy left. There must have been something unsavoury going on knowing that side of the family.”

“I heard that. They never really integrated into society…”

Arkan tuned out and listened in for Baserius’ voice. He couldn’t identify it but then realized he was at the food table and looked for each Guild Master in turn.

He stood up straighter and positioned himself closer to the edge, using the dark green railing as support as he leaned forward. From there he could see both Lynsey and the King’s reaction to her entrance.

It took a few moments for the lack of noise to penetrate the King’s awareness, which was understandable under the circumstances. The head of the Merchants Guild was talking animatedly to the king. You had to admire the bravery of the man – or the stupidity. It had to be the latter if he realized how much the king detested him. Arkan noted with interest the king was showing admirable restraint. He was surprised he even let him get that close. Ahh, he was talking about the possible tax raises due to a low tax gain the previous year. That explained it. The man did not look happy. Arkan wondered if Isabel was asking for more jewellery again. The lady had a penchant for diamond necklaces that the treasury could ill afford.

Turning his attention to the rest of the room, Arkan noted the pattern of people as they turned to look at Lynsey. It was like a rose opening at dawn. Clusters of people in a circular pattern turned towards her before another circle further away noticed something was happening and rotated towards her. More and more people stopped to look until the pattern reached the King.

Arkan watched Lynsey and the King closely. The king’s eyes widened and his jaw flexed, opening his mouth for a split-second before he gained control and closed it again. He stepped forward, ignoring the man he was talking too and moved towards the edge of the dais. Then his face dropped again, this time to Arkan’s consternation, it showed anger.

Arkan followed the king’s gaze and saw how her long skirt kissed the floor where she walked. He couldn’t help but compare her to the other women in the room. She was the most beautiful girl there. The cut of the dress accentuated every curve. Her long blond hair was piled on her head, the bright jewels sparkled, snaking through to draw attention to her shiny curls. She appeared like some mythical creature from the past, like a force of nature, a nymph.

Arkan’s breath caught in his throat as she turned and caught his eye.  Her smile made his heart shudder for a beat. He had no business feeling that way. It was dangerous to oppose the king in this. But if he did not help her … she was not equipped to survive in court.


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