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01/01/2013 – Present Author

Since 2013 I have written over 16 books, not including translations (16 titles are in print currently). I have continued to use the skills I gained from over 11 years as an information professional to write non-fiction books on available technology and developed new skills creating my puzzle story books for preschool children.

In print publications:

Children’s books
Children of the Elementi
eBook: http://cericlark.com/COEAe
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/Elementi1APaper

Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise
eBook: http://minkiemonster.com/SPMMBSK
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPMMA

Under the Sea Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure
eBook: http://minkiemonster.com/UndertheSeaAKE
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/MinkieSeaAP

Christmas Puzzles: Minkie Monster Saves Christmas
eBook: http://minkiemonster.com/XmasMinkieAE
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/XmasMinkiePA

Space: A Minkie Monster Coloring Book
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPCBMMBSP
Simpler Guides
A Simpler Guide to Gmail
eBook: http://cericlark.com/GmailAe
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/GmailDAPaper

Email Management using Gmail
eBook: http://cericlark.com/Amazon/EmailManagementGmaile
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/EmailMAPaper

A Simpler Guide to Google Drive
eBook: http://cericlark.com/Driveea
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/Drivepa

A Simpler Guide to Online Security
eBook: http://cericlark.com/Ae
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/OnlineSecurityAP

A Simpler Guide to Calibre
eBook: http://cericlark.com/CalibreAe
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/CalibreAPaper

A Simpler Guide to Google+
eBook: http://cericlark.com/GooglePlusAe
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/GooglePlusAPaper

A Simpler Guide to Finding Free eBooks
eBook: http://cericlark.com/FFEAe
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/FreeeBooksAPaper

Password Books
Meow-nificent Kittens
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/meow
Paws-itively Puppies
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/woof
Birds A Secret Life
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/Chirp
Bunny Find Your Hoppy
Paperback: http://cericlark.com/Drump

Other Language Books
French editions
Énigmes d’Espace: Le Monstre Minkie et la Surprise d’Anniversaire
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPACEf
L’Espace: Un Livre de Coloriage du Monstre Minkie
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SpaceCBAF

German editions
Weltraum Puzzles: Minkie Monster und die Geburtstagsüberraschung
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPACEG
Weltraum: Minkie Monster Malbuch
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SpaceCBAG

Italian editions
Puzzle Spaziali: Minkie Monster e la Sorpresa di Compleanno
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPACEI
Lo Spazio: Minkie Monster Libro da Colorare
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SpaceCBAI

Spanish editions
Acertijos Espaciales: El Monstruo Minkie y la Sorpresa de Cumpleaños
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPACES
El Espacio: Un Libro de Colorear del Monstruo Minkie
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SpaceCBAS

Welsh editions
Posau Gofod: Minkie Monster a’r Syrpreis Pen-Blwydd
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SPACEW
Posau o Dan y Môr: Minkie Monster a’r Trysor Cudd
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/UTSPAW
Y Gofod: Llyfr Lliwio Minkie Monster
Paperback: http://minkiemonster.com/SpaceCBAW

01/03/2009 – 31/12/2012 Library Manager (Perm. contract)

Audit Commission, Lime Kiln Close, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8SU

Duties included:

  • Responsibility for running the library along with management of two part-time Information Co-ordinators. I am in charge of promotion, library accounts and all other aspects of running the library covering six main offices and various satellite offices around England
  • Developing a business plan and strategy to raise awareness of the library service and position the service as an e-library within the web-enabled channels of the Audit Commission
  • Developing and managing the BIS budget for published information of c.£500,000, ensuring that contracts and services are managed in a lawful way (e.g. copyright compliance)
  • Developing policies and strategies to increase electronic access to published information, including reviewing the need for electronic journals and books, and secure electronic document delivery
  • Delivering services of instant electronic access to materials, loans, document supply, serials management, literature searching and responding to enquiries, both to Audit Commission staff and appointed external auditors where necessary
  • Collating statistics on Library usage and creating a library report
  • Classifying, cataloguing and ensuring the library database is up-to-date.
  • Managing the offsite library store contract, as well as 40+ contracts with information providers
  • Liaising with key customer groups to reduce duplication of materials, ensuring robust contracts and licenses, and supporting access to specific information resources (e.g. Westlaw, Lawtel, Justis)
  • Promoting the library as a online hub for access to published information resources
  • Delivering training on the use of online resources and information literacy skills

01/01/2007 – 28/02/2009 School Librarian (Perm. contract)

Rougemont School, Llantarnam Hall, Malpas, Newport, NP20 6QB

Duties included:

  • Responsibility for the running of the library along with the management of one assistant librarian. I was in charge of promotion, library accounts and all other aspects of running the school library
  • Upgraded the incumbent library management system to be available on the web to facilitate independent learning and access to library resources. I reviewed and corrected old catalogue records to ensure accuracy. I also purchased a barcode reader and succeeded in barcoding around 50% of the stock to increase efficiency before I left
  • Created leaflets to spread own knowledge among clients of the library
  • Evaluated and purchased new resources
  • Created desk-notes/documentation to ensure the smooth running of the library in the event of any absence in the library team
  • Organised several events each year; a successful book fair, Rougemont’s first author visit (Catherine Fisher), and also attendance at the Carnegie Shadowing and Kids Lit events. With various strategies employed to promote the resources within the library, I increased loans in the library by 70% by the time I left
  • Networked with suppliers which resulted in items being given to us free which were then used to promote the library further. Attended regular meetings of the Schools Library Association to ensure that my skills and knowledge remained current. I also attended meeting with Heads of Subjects to coordinate resources with their needs, ensuring that these requirements were met fully by the library
  • Created library progress reports for the school senior management
  • Supervised sixth form pupils during the normal working day, and then other age groups during breaks, lunchtime and after school. My clients ranged from teachers, teaching assistants and 8-18 year olds

01/11/2005 – 31/12/2006 Information Specialist (Perm. contract)

Assembly Parliamentary Services, National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF99 1NA

Duties included:

  • Responsible for electronic resources, newspapers and periodical collections
  • Redesigned and maintained the electronic resources pages on the intranet
  • Researched and responded to various research requests by Assembly Members and their support staff using online ‘fee’ databases including Grantfinder, KnowUK and phone conversations with relevant Government/Local Government officials
  • Document retrieval and distribution using existing collections, online and through the British Library
  • The creation, Implementation and maintenance of electronic and paper based administration systems, including setting up of financial spreadsheets to monitor expenditure and  a database for electronic subscriptions
  • Updated promotional literature (How To brochures) for library users
  • Monitored and evaluated sources of information
  • Managing staff

17/07/2000 – 31/10/2005 Search Department Assistant (Perm. Contract)

JA Kemp & Co., 14 South Square, Gray’s Inn, London, WC1R 5JJ

I analysed and reported on information sources (legal and commercial) to internal and external clients on a regular basis. Searches were conducted using online ‘fee’ databases. I again created a database for tracking customer orders and implemented electronic and paper based administration systems. Many of the queries dealt with by the department were unusual and required a significant amount of lateral thinking.

03/2000 – 07/2000              Administrative Officer (Temp. contract)

MOD – Defence Logistics, Organisation (DLO), Longcross, Chertsey, Surrey.

As part of the army-side HR team, I dealt with travel arrangements, personnel records, created a database and did other basic admin duties.

1994 – 1999                   Employment whilst in Full-Time Education

Various Locations

While at college and University I worked for Madame Tussauds as a Visitor Services Assistant, Bell Fruit Services as a Radio Operator/Telephonist, Canobie Lake Park USA as a Games Assistant and an Onboard Administrator aboard the cruise ship Apollo on its Mediterranean route.

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