About Ceri Clark

Hello, I’m Ceri and this website is about me, my books and my life. I’m an author with eclectic tastes. My hobbies are writing fiction but my bread and butter (hopefully only for the moment because who doesn’t like writing novels?) are technology guides and stationary items. My taste in music stretches form rock to country with a splash of classical.

As my mother-in-law would say, I can’t dress for toffee so you won’t find any fashion tips on here. Unless you are obsessed by hoodies like me, then there might be a couple. I love Weird Fish designs.

I live in Wales with my lovely husband and son who keep me very busy, so there may be a few child related posts coming up. Anyone else suffering from the YouTube videos of people playing Lego games? He has the games but he insists on watching them, REPEATEDLY.

In my spare time when I am not writing, I enjoy reading, TV and films.

To sum up my books, I write fantasy novels, technology guides, colouring books as well as password books and journals.

My books include:

  • Simpler Guides on Drive, Gmail, Calibre and more
  • Regency fashion, fish and a Treasure Island colouring books.
  • The Minkie Monster Series, currently three picture books with puzzles suitable for preschoolers and
  • Password books. There are designs for every taste. If you want a secret password book which does not look like a password book. Then check these out. Feel free to contact me if there is a design you would like available. I am more than happy to make new ones!

Browse this site for her latest books or check out my blog posts about life, the universe and everything!

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