Minkie Monster Puzzle Books for Preschool


Welcome to Minkie Monster’s world where education and fun meet.  

This series of books are picture books with puzzles added to stretch young minds. They are designed for children up to the age of 6. Younger readers can spot the naughty purple alien Bob on each page. He is Minkie’s best friend but likes to hide from him. For older readers the puzzles get harder as they go through the book.

The Story

There are currently three books in the picture book series; Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise, Minkie Monster and the Lost Treasure and Minkie Monster Saves Christmas. These are full colour picture books which follow Minkie as he travels across space to a birthday party, searches for treasure under the sea and saves Christmas when Santa takes a break.

The Puzzles

As mentioned above, Bob is hiding on each page and little ones love to search for him. There are also colouring pages, dot-to-dot, tracing letters and numbers, spot the difference and simple word searches.Some were tested on five year-old family members but all were sampled by my precocious 3 year-old Minkie fan!

Want to find out more?

Visit https://minkiemonster.com, a dedicated website for Ceri Clark’s Minkie Monster books with extra freebies or go direct to Amazon and get your little ones a copy!

Entering the world of picture puzzle books

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I’ve reached, gulp, that age where most of my friends have children, This is actually great as three years ago my own little boy was born and my friends all seemed to have babies at the same time.

He’s now three and a little too energetic for me but we get along. He runs around me and when I catch him, he gets cuddles.

He has now started to like puzzles and I want to give him some practice with counting, reading as well as tracing letters and numbers. I have been buying him puzzle magazines and realised I could do the same thing but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a story running through it?
Minkie 1 reduced size front coverWhile playing with a drawing app on my tablet, I came up with a little blue monster called Minkie. My son loved him so much, I did some more designs and came up with some stories. I’m not sure if this is TMI, but he got so fond of dear Minkie that he refused to put his ‘night-time pants’ on unless we drew a Minkie Monster on them. He then danced around the bathroom singing, Minkie on my winkie, Minkie on my winkie!

Anyway enough of my son’s strange habits. He will get me back for this I’m sure several times before he grows up (I’m easily embarrassed). I have finished one of the stories, tested them and I’m starting the launch phase of the picture book. To this end, I am looking for some friends who will help me launch this book in style.

In exchange for a review on Amazon during launch week, I am giving away free PDF copies of the book. These can be instantly downloaded when you register and select Launch Friends from the register page. I am also giving away an Amazon gift card to one reviewer chosen at random and a few other goodies.goodreads cover minkie space coloring book

As an added bonus, anyone that registers at my site, (you don’t even need to be a Launch Friend) can download a free MInkie Monster coloring book based on Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise.

Go on what are you waiting for? If you have kids of up to 6, visit https://minkiemonster.com/ to get the freebies!