Dropbox vs Google Drive

Question about Dropbox vs Google Drive. Answer based on the Quora question: Is Google Drive better than Dropbox Both Dropbox and Google Drive offer storage and collaborative-working services They both have their advantages and of course their disadvantages. This blog post looks at some of these. Dropbox vs Google Drive, which would you choose? I

Q&A What’s the best way to organize my inbox such that I can mark messages which I still need to respond to differently from ones which I am waiting on a response to?

Question: What’s the best way to organize my inbox such that I can mark messages which I still need to respond to differently from ones which I am waiting on a response to? In my book Email Management using Gmail, I advocate the use of creating three inboxes. Urgent messages stay in your primary inbox and others

Q&A How do I find my new emails in Gmail?

Question: How do I find my new emails in Gmail? Gmail will usually put new emails at the top. The exceptions are if it is considered spam or you have filtered your emails to go into folders (labels). How can you tell they are new? It will also usually be white and go grey when you

Q& A How do I archive drafts on Gmail?

Question: How do I archive drafts on Gmail? There are draft emails that I’ve written. I don’t want to send them or delete them. I don’t want them clogging up my drafts inbox (which serves kinda like a to-do list). Yet I want to keep them just in case. How do I archive them? If you want

Email Management using Gmail gets a 5* Review

Readers’ Favorite Review Email Management using Gmail by Ceri Clark shows ways to automate one’s email organization, specifically aimed at users of Gmail. It helps one in doing more productive work, rather than fighting the monster of email overload. It begins with a general discussion on the use of Gmail, a quick start guide where

Q&A Have a small library but cannot afford a library management system (LMS) like Oliver, Unicorn or IS OXFORD? How about trying Calibre the free ebook library software?

I worked in libraries for over 11 years before giving up work to look after my son and write books. I understand that sometimes small libraries whether they are school libraries or corporate information departments don’t have the money to buy a full-blown library catalogue. When you work in these organisations you may not need

Why students should use Calibre to organize their ebooks, papers and other documents: A Simpler Guide to Calibre – the perfect gift for students

It is not so long ago that I don’t remember what it was like as a student. Ahhh the life, drinking to the early hours while philosophizing about life, the universe and everything. Rocking up to the occasional lecture or watching daytime TV with a tin of baked beans in one hand and a spoon

Updating CeriClark.com

Oh procrastination, how I hate thou. Nah, I don’t really, How could I, we’re the best of chums. We meet every day before breakfast, after breakfast, have an early morning meeting before agreeing to meet up for the afternoon. Of course I wouldn’t want to offend my friend so we regularly meet up in the

Cyber crime and hacking from the eyes of the bad guys

Have you ever wanted to know about hacking and cybercrime? Well I’ve been hooked since the eighties although I usually reserve my curiosity for for films and TV programmes with hacking in them.Last week I attended the HP Labs lecture in Bristol about cyber crime. Usually I go to HP Labs lectures for the free

Designing the Myrddin Publishing website

After leaving my previous publisher, I joined a group of authors who decided to group together to create our own ‘true’ cooperative. We were all very excited to do this. We would all be Indie authors but have the support and combined experience of the group. We all have talents we could share and with