Inside Out Movie Review

There are not many films my toddler will sit through, but Inside Out is one of them. Because my little ankle biter loved it, I would give this movie from Disney/Pixar 5 stars. What did I/he like about it? I enjoyed it as an adult but I loved watching my child’s reaction to it. He’s only


Warning my Jupiter ascending review will contain some spoilers (but they are not that bad). Having read and watched dozens of reviews for Jupiter Ascending, I was a little worried about going to see it for our annual trip to the cinema on Valentine’s day (thanks for babysitting mum!). We watched it in 3D and

Holiday Review: Parkdean Holiday Park, Mullion

Summary Accommodation: 2 Stars Entertainment: 4 Stars Food: 4 Stars Overall: 3 Stars In the interests of full disclosure this is the third time I have stayed in a caravan but I don’t remember the other two times. We have always stayed in holiday cottages, apartments or hotels so I have been used to a

A disappointing visit to see Santa at the Celtic Manor hotel, Newport

We went to see Santa the other day. All three of us set off an hour early, bundled together in our warmest garb ready to meet the elements. The traffic was heavier than we were expecting, but we arrived in plenty of time to find a space in what seemed a packed parking lot. As

Living Social: The case of the Devilled Egg

Regular readers of my blog might have noticed that I have been on a few Living Social Events during my time. I’ve taken to blogging a few of these, Fat Attack, CSI weekend and a Newquay weekend. These blog posts were noticed by the guys at Living Social and they offered me a free Bloggers

The Woodcutter by Kate Danley

I read this book while holidaying in Cypress. I finished it in two days which is a reflection of how good it is. I can spend months reading a book I’m not keen on and have been known to cheekily take a sneak peak at Wikipedia for the synopsis to bluff my way through a

Samsung Galaxy Tab for Writing

I’ve recently bought the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I primarily bought this as a reading device but I wanted something that wasn’t too heavy but which I could write on. Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (running Android with ADW) Samsung bluetooth keyboard case (the official one) I can’t praise the tablet enough. I wanted something that was

Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk by Bob Greenwade

Bob Greenwade has created a compelling universe where we move from world to world in search of a master criminal. Bear Waters accepts a job to solve the crime of the Silver Dirk. People have been hurt but what seems strange to Bear is that they are never killed. Still, blood is drawn which leads